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Season: Summer
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10, July 2011
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Canons and Originals

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It has been eleven years. Eleven long years. The British Wizarding World, Muggle Britain and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry now sit under the rule of the nameless Lord. Muggles and mudbloods are constantly disappearing and Hogwarts no longer allows the entrance of non-pure bloods into its halls.

A small resistance force has formed against all odds but will it be enough to break through this faceless evil?

This an au site based on the what ifs of a different future... a future without Harry Potter.

Welcome to

Please registered with your character's First Middle Last names as they would appear in the role-play community.

Take a look at our Canon Lists and who has, and has not, been taken. Please also take a glance at our Requested Characters selection. The more variety the site has, the more it will grow and prosper.

We are in need of:

Males: 5
Females: 3
Students: 2
Nuetral: 0
Resistance Affiliates: 1
Dark Lord Affiliates: 6
Double Agents: 0
Ministry Officials: 2
Hogwarts Staff: 2
Muggle Officials: 0
Murdered: 0
Missing: 0

No Spamming, No Advertising

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House Points

Gryffindor -- Ravenclaw --
Hufflepuff -- Slytherin --

Hogwarts is currently in its summer session. The fall semester begins on September 1st. We hope to see you there!

Common Rooms
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